My first thought about God’s existence – Sunshine Group

The first time I thought about God was when I was 5 or 6 years old. I thought about God because I was influenced by some TV dramas, like the Journey to the West and Greek mythologies. However, those are not the true God. I was just attracted by their super powers shown on TV. The first time I got to know the true God was when I came to church. I didn’t see any supernatural powers, but I strongly felt that God was with me. He gave me power, made me strong and enhanced my faith.

Tuhien Trieu
When I was a child and faced many difficulties at home, I looked up to the sky and felt that there must be someone high above who can help me. That was when I started to consider that there must be a God who is real and can help me.

Victoria Kan
I questioned about if God existed when I saw my grandma worship different idols. She would even worship the moon and stars.

Jannie Tang
In my memory, when I was in elementary school, about 8 years old, I prayed to God for a brother. My mother was soon to give birth, and with three daughters already, I prayed earnestly in consideration for her to have a son.