My first thought about God’s existence – Sapphire Group

Kerry Li
Since I was in primary school, in my heart, I knew there was something that could protect me, bless me and comfort me. I had a great desire of finding something that could give me true peace and joy. My family members were very superstitious. They worshipped different types of idols and antecedents. So I knew that there must be something we cannot see, but we want to gain blessing and peace from it.

Wendy Kuang
I first thought about God on Christmas Eve in 2015. I took part in the Christmas party in Alison’s house. We celebrated and exchanged presents together. I knew about Him and wanted to know more about Him.

When I first thought about God, He is considered sacred to me. He can create all things to us and His creations are amazing.

Ivy Ma
When I was in elementary school, I experienced God talk to me, when I was so frustrated by my lost homework. He told me where it was. I was so amazed by His help, and believed He is real.

When I was about 3 years old, I got sick and had to stay in the hospital. Although my mother was with me, I still felt afraid and sad. My mother is a Christian and she asked me to pray to God. He will heal my sickness and give me strength. So I prayed. After I prayed, I felt calm and could be able to sleep at night.

May Leung
Romans 1:19
When I was in either primary 3 or 4, I thought about where I came from. I traced my family tree all the way to the first man and questioned where the first man came from. When I looked at the sky and the universe, I believed there’s a creator. Who is He?