My first thought about God’s existence – Pleasant Group

Rex Fong
I was enrolled in a Christian kindergarten. I remembered every morning we would all pray to God and though I was very young, but I felt God was listening to my prayers and paying attention to me. I also felt He is all-loving though at that time I was not very sure about His other attribute. Remember one day while I was playing with my toys, I looked up to the sky out of my window and ponder about God. At that moment, I really felt God was also paying attention to me.

Michael Li
The first time feel God was when I was young. (About 7-8) I was pondering why I am here and who made the things around me. Where do things come from. I knew there must be something or a higher being out there. I was very curious. Not too long after that pondering I met a group of Christians and they preach the gospel to me about creation and the wonderful universe. Also, they talk to me about sin and how I can be close to God. So I believe in the Lord. I knew God was real He confirmed in heart that there was a higher being out there.