My first thought about God’s existence – Pillar Group

Hong Yan
I never considered about God when I was young. I always thought of it as someone’s fanciful imagination or a crutch that people relied on. I scoffed at people who believed in various spirits and religions. I treated them all as superstitions until one time I really heard about Jesus and the Bible. I was in high school at the time and I met a Christian after school. He talked to me about God, but I didn’t really believe anything he said until he started to show me evidence about Noah’s ark. I was amazed by this because it was always just a fairy tale to me. When I saw the evidence, it made me feel that this story was true, and if so, then God is real as well. Over the years as I have looked into Noah’s ark and the flood, I found more and more evidence that helped me to affirm that this story was real and it must be God who was involved for it to have happened.

Truman Ho
I felt that there was God when I was very little. I was wondering where we, humans, came from. I knew there was somebody that created us.

Timothy Chow
I felt there was a God when I went to Church and learned about God through the group leaders. How were we created? There was someone who designed us in a special way. I believed there was a God who created us.

Wells Suen
My mom brought me to Church since I was a baby and through the children’s fellowship group. The time I felt God the most was when Violin told me to, “behold” and I felt like God was close to me.

Andy Yung
When I was little, I always go to parks. I looked around and I thought if there’s a chain of actions that made everything happen, there must be a start. I thought that there must be a person/God that created everything around me and the things outside my surroundings.