My first thought about God’s existence – Jasper Group

Katy Law

When I was very young, I remember visiting my grandparents’ place without my parents. There were idols there and I didn’t know what they were, as no one had ever told me. However, when my grandma asked me to worship them, I felt very uneasy and uncomfortable. I felt very strongly in my heart that it was wrong and I did not want to do it. I refused and later told my parents what had happened. They explained to me that those were what my grandparents believed to be gods, but they are false gods made by man’s hands. It was then that I understood clearly that the one and only true God is the one who makes us feel good and comfortable when we go close to Him, and that He is living to remind us and protect us of what is right and wrong to do.

Christina Kwan
I first felt that God existed when I was in Kindergarten. At school, one of the key things I learned that still sticks with me is that God is love. My five year old self wondered, “How could it be possible that God is equivalent to this verb or noun?” But as I grew older, I experienced God’s unconditional love more and more. I felt that it was very reasonable, very natural for there to be a caring God that exists, who created all things, and is all-knowing. I felt that it made sense. I was convinced in my heart from very young, because I couldn’t imagine it any other way. I felt that people must exist for a higher purpose and that humans were different from all other creations. We were made to love God and love others. I felt that there also must be a standard for goodness, perfection, and righteousness for people and the universe to be compared to, and to follow. After some thought, I was convinced that God must be the highest standard for all of these: He is most good, most perfect, and most righteous.