My first thought about God’s existence – Crystal Group

Angela Lin
My family follows the Chinese traditions of worshipping idols and ancestors. Since young, I have known there is a “god” in this world. I would pray to a “god” when I wanted to get good marks on my exams.

Cynthia Li
I first knew about the existence of God when I went to churches in the States in 2013. At that time, I wasn’t sure. I could not understand people’s worship. At that time, I though God was very far from me. I might be just a minimal one of his creatures. 
Although God cannot be seen with our naked eyes, His divine nature and His mighty power can indeed affect everything in this world. Many people’s eyes are covered and they do not know God. I feel that I’m so blessed to actually know Him from our Church.

Christine Kuang
I started thinking about God when I was a child. There was a time that I looked up and wondered if there was a God. I think I said something like this, “If there is a God, please reveal Yourself to me.”  

Elsa Chen
I was brought up as a Catholic so learnt about God and Jesus at a young age.

Winnie Tang
I first thought about God pretty much since I was a kid, since I went to a Catholic school. God to me then was praying when school or lunch started. Prayers were the same ones and I never really felt anything.
Leanne Yan
For me it was in grade 5, when I started to learn about the universe, stars and planets. I fell in love with the wonders of our big universe. I remember thinking where is God and where would He be if He existed.

Chara Lee
When I was very young, my family always worshipped idols/ancestors. There were a few images at home. When I looked at their (bad) faces, I wondered that there must be a holy & beautiful God in this world.

Leslie Wu
When I was around 10 years old in China, one night my mom worked really late and had not come home yet. There was no phone with which I could call her. I was very scared and imagined all the bad things that could have happened to her on the way home. For the first time, I prayed to someone who is in heaven to keep my mom safe. Though I never heard anything about God, I was very clear that that someone I prayed to was none of the idols my family worshipped. I told myself there must be someone who is real up there who could listen to my prayer.  
Maggie Wong
I thought about the existence of God in elementary school when my mom worshipped idols at home. I did not know who the true God was, but I believed there is God.

Alice Jiang
When I was in primary school, my grandmother told me something about hell and heaven. I wondered at that time about who could control where I would go and how. It must be beyond man’s power.