My First Break-Bread Meeting – Leon Lee (Mighty Team)

In the Global Phone Sing, we are sharing our first experience/ feeling joining break bread meeting. I was invited to join this meeting a few days after I had accepted the Lord. I was given a brief introduction to what the bread and cup meant. It was difficult for me to enjoy the whole meeting because I was a new believer and most of the brothers and sisters were Chinese speaking even though I had a brother translating to English for me. Not only that, I felt very cold because all the windows in that room were wide open (this was during the winter season). I asked brothers and sisters why the windows were opened and they said it was for air circulation and for keeping us awake. I do appreciate, after recalling this experience, the love from God’s family and how much effort was put to help me enjoy this meeting. This experience made me realize that it was not only the spirit that needed to be awake but also physical body needs to be awake in order to enjoy meetings. Also, the brother taking the initiative to translate was moving because I could see he wanted me to enjoy the meeting fully.