My Faith Has Increased – Will Chan (Faithful Team)

Over the past few months, my faith has increased. I feel my direction is towards God more.

This does not mean I did not turn to God and that I did not have faith in the past, but I trust and experience Him more now. I know because of the satisfaction and contentment I feel now. It is more than just a feeling which can be temporary and fleeting. It is part of me now. I still need to do the practice with faith, but it is me. Whether in small groups or by myself, I can experience God.

I treasure the training in the South Africa Camp and to pursue with brothers and sisters from all over the world. Through the worship training, I understand how the mind, body and spirit work together to turn to God, worship God and how to have love interflow. I deeply treasure this. It is so precious!

It is possible! We can enjoy the close fellowship with Abba and the Lord every day and every moment. The finishing way and everlasting way is the only way. I am firmer and more sure of this! This is what God wants. Do the essence of all the practices, commissions, truths, and daily schedule/lifestyle to deeply live with God day and night. This is the best!

God infinitely desires such a fellowship with man. He has been waiting for so long. I want to worship Him more and have the closest and most intimate relationship with Him.