My brother and sisters! My family! – Winnie Ng

In the past two months, I have been joining the morning team time where we worship together and pray for the church. This is a time where several “older” brothers and sisters would join and when I knew this, I felt intimidated and scared. At some point, I felt like I didn’t belong here because I am younger in spirit, and my prayers and sharings are incomparable to theirs. But I slowly came to realize that this was a huge barrier for me and my mind set was not right. I should not feel distant at all but I should enjoy the fact that this is MY FAMILY, and they are MY BROTHER AND SISTERS. When we come together, this family is a place of love, care and delight.

When I think of this, and realize this truth more and more, I feel more set free before brothers and sisters and I can share more and more.

I believe I have come to live and taste the true sweetness of God’s family.