My Baptism Sharing: Relying on God and Serving Others – Haniel Chiu (Alpha)

When I was very young, I heard that God was good many times, and my dad and I would always sing songs and pray together. I felt very close to God. However, I did not know how to rely on God. Like I knew lying was not good, but I fell for the trap of Satan. Then, when it came to 2020, at one time, I lied to my mom that I finished my lunch. But she found out that I had not finished it. And then after a big argument, my mom preached to me about God. Even though I didn’t understand very well, I understood that the Lord was always here for me and He died for my sins. And from that day I believed in God, and I didn’t lie to my parents anymore. Now I spend more time with Him, I rely on Him to control my behaviours.


And now, every Sunday, I go to a senior home in Richmond to help and bless the seniors there. Every week we perform and I feel that they really enjoy it. Through this, I really feel God is so good to me and He uses me to bless others.