My Baptism Sharing: Finding Peace and Enjoying Worship – Aiden Lee (Alpha)

When I was 4, I started to know about God. At first, I didn’t know much about Him. When my mom told me God was good, I was still wondering who He was.


When the eye doctor had to do a surgery on my eye, I was so scared. But my mom told me God was with me and He cared about me. When I remembered this, I felt peace and love in my heart. When they did the surgery, I didn’t have to fear.


I also experience the Lord in break-bread meetings on Saturdays. At first, I didn’t pay much attention. But when brothers and sisters reminded me, I started to focus more. This has also helped me to enjoy the Lord more. It is really a big improvement. Now, I can focus and enjoy more. I also can enjoy the Lord’s presence in the meeting. And not only do I use my mind, I use my heart.