My Baptism Sharing: Enjoying Worship and Being Changed by God – Mika Hon (Alpha)

Hi, my name is Mika. I’m 9 years old, and I’m in grade 4.


A few months ago, when I was in a break-bread meeting, I didn’t feel like praying, so I just listened and did not pray. Brothers and sisters reminded me to voice out. After a few months, I began to pray to God more. I started the sentence, “Lord, help me to voice out more. Help me not to be nervous.” Then, in the break-bread meeting, after we sang a song, I felt touched and I voiced out! God really answered my prayers. And afterwards, I pray more in break-bread meetings.I feel touched when we pray and sing songs about the cross. Now, I enjoy the break bread meeting, because I can pray and sing songs to Him.


Also, at home, when my mom asks me to do something, I do it right away even though I may not want to. But I love God and I ask God for help to change me.


Blue (Mika’s mom):


I can witness Mika’s spiritual growth all these years. I cannot not give thanks enough that she can grow in this family: having peers who have pure hearts to grow up together; having alpha brothers and sisters’ support to set spiritual and lifestyle goals to foster her. And as parents, we have a way to pursue God as a family. All these help shape who Mika is today and lead her to experience God more.


Mika is able to change when she experiences God in worship. This reminds me how important worship is and I should spend more effort and arrange more time to worship with her together.