My baptism – Maggie Wong

I first learned about God when I was about 13 years old from attenting a Christian chinese school . God brought me to the Church of God in Vancouver about 4 years ago. My first impression of the church was that everyone was so friendly and welcoming . I never knew that church was like this before . Through attending Sunday meetings, having fellowship, and studying the Bible, I was able to recognize that the purpose of life was to know God and to serve him . I used to worry a lot about my future. But God has taught me to have faith in Him because He will always give me the best and that He is in complete control. This gives me assurance that no matter what difficulties that life may throw at me, God will always be there to solve it.

I have had many doubts and uncertainties about baptism in my past because I came from a family that believe in Buddhism. Therefore, I was always worried about what my parents would think had I got baptised. However , within the last few months the importance of making a public declaration of my faith began to sink in . I feel that it was God telling me to do so. Thus, I put aside my fear and made the decision to get baptized. I realize that I shouldn’t worry or care so much about what others will think, I should just do what I know is right because after all, its my life and not theirs .

Moving forward, my wish is for my family and friends to know about God.