More Organized! – Haven Yeung (Alpha)

Before I joined the 5-star program, I was not quite organized. I used to just put everything on the table and thought that I didn’t need to clean it because it would be a waste of time. If you put away something today (e.g. pencil), you would have to take it out again the next day. I didn’t see the importance of organizing my stuff. Same thing for my writing. In the beginning, when I started to write journals, I would just rush through it and not take it seriously (as well as my writing in my daily life). But after all the training and God’s reminders, now I am able to write slowly and neatly and take my time doing things. I also learn to think before I speak and try to only say 5 sentences at one time. This really helps me because when my things are organized, my spirit is also more organized. Therefore, it helps me to experience God more. When I talk to people, now I can also bring out the main point in only 5 sentences. It helps me to be a good person. After this program, I can be a blessing to people around me.