Missionary trip to Myanmar – Louisa Fong

Though the missionary trip to Myanmar was only a week, through it, I greatly felt the Lord’s passion. His work moves forward quickly. In these few years, the orphanage and community centre there have been established. Precious that we can continually work together with God’s plan and rely on Him to serve in different cultures. May the children in Myanmar take up this commission after they grow up and become pillars in Myanmar.

When I broke bread with the brothers and sisters in Myanmar, I deeply felt that our restoration of the truth of global unity is the family that Abba, the Lord and the Holy Spirit desire, God and man’s resting place.

This missionary team consisted of over 50 members. I admired how brothers and sisters each did their part and together built up Christ’s body. I was very touched to see brothers and sisters’ next generation rise up to serve. This generation of brothers and sisters have believed in God for 20 to 30 years, some for 40+ years. Black hair has turned gray, physical bodies were no longer like before, knowing much in terms of truth, and knowing the quality of church that God wants—what we can pass on to our next generation is so important! The Lord truly wants to use us to finish His work! “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15)

On the last day, as we bid farewell, I saw the brothers and sisters cry; I also couldn’t hold back my emotions and couldn’t stop crying. In my heart, I could feel the children’s yearning of love; it let me see that the Lord also has a yearning of love in the depths of His heart. It made me want to know God’s love much more, and it made my tears flow even more freely. I realized that God’s motivation of love was so extravagant. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit gave their all to bring us into the depths of Their heart. May I give even more in my ministry and bring others to understand the yearning in the depths of God’s heart.

Louisa Fong


與緬甸弟兄姊妹擘餅時,我深深感受我們恢​ 復​​​全地一,是阿爸、​​主、​聖靈所要的家,神人安息之所。

這次團隊超過五十人,欣賞弟兄姊妹各盡其職,建立基督身​ ​​。看見弟兄姊妹​ 的​​​下一代起來事奉,我很感動。我們這代弟兄姊妹已信主二至三十年,甚至四十年以上,黑髮變白髮,身體不​ 如​以住,而真理認識很多,又知道主要的教會質素;我們能傳遞給下一代是非常重要,主真的​ 要​用我們完成祂工作。「​至 於 我 和 我 家 , 我 們 必 定 事 奉 耶 和 華 。」​(​約 書 亞 記 廿​四15​​)​​​

最後一天,與緬甸弟兄姊妹說拜拜,離開時見他們哭,我也禁止不住自己​ 的​感情,不斷流​ 淚​​,直至上車,我的心靈​很​感受小朋友愛的渴求,更想到神同樣有心底愛的渴求,心中為神的愛,並更要了解神的愛,比之前哭得更利害。原來神愛而​來​的動力多奢侈,父子靈付出,要領我們到祂心底,讓我事奉更付出,帶人明白神心底​的​渴求。