March Photo Exhibition

Amy Deng (Sunshine)
On March 1, the Sunshine and Pillars group went on an outing to see the photo exhibition “To Live” – a collaboration between Light and Love Home and Photos for Humanity. Some of us had been to previous photo exhibitions before, and yet when we went this time, we were touched again by the stories of the people in the pictures.

For myself, I was moved to tears by a picture of a teenage girl, and then another picture of the same girl with a toddler girl lying next to her on a cloth laid out on the dirt, presumably their home. As a new mother myself, I found it difficult enough to transition from a married adult into motherhood with the support of my husband, all my family, friends, brothers and sisters from church; from the safety of the hospital to the comfort of my own home. I had the best possible facilities, and more than enough given to me and my baby from those who loved us. Yet this teenage girl was still a child herself, living in a culture where women were not given the same treatment as men, with no education or job security, with no benefits from the government. Perhaps even with no assurance of the next meal. Not only did I feel grateful for my life, or sympathetic towards her situation, I felt a great urgency for her and all those like her to know the love of God. Nobody else could fill all the lack in her life – not just the materialistic needs, but the comfort and peace from within when one has to face so many challenges in so much uncertainty.

I highly recommend the photo exhibition to all – the powerful message behind the photos is more than just that we have a blessed life here in Canada, but that humanity truly needs God – whether we are rich in resources or lacking, we all journey from babies into the last days of life on earth; with God, this journey can be an abundant journey no matter where it is.

Vicky (Sunshine, grade 5)
After seeing the photos at the exhibition, in my head, I was thinking about the old people crushing rocks like there is no meaning for them to live. I feel that they really need help.

Olga (Sunshine, grade 7)
When I was at the photo exhibition, I saw that the people in the photos really have gone through a lot. You will see them living in conditions that we would never understand. The exhibition is a must see!

Mary Lo (Sunshine, grade 9)
I thought the photo exhibition was very interesting and left a big impact on me. I realized how fortunate we are to have so much that the unprivileged ones don’t have. But fortunately, our church will try to help them and make their wishes come true.

Bianca Siapno (Sunshine, grade 9)
I thought the photo exhibition was interesting, because now I realized that I shouldn’t take what I have for granted, and be thankful for what I have because some people don’t have the things I have.

CJ Manuel (Sunshine, grade 9)
What captured me was the picture of a little girl who was laying on a cardboard and had a piece of cloth covering her face. And it says how we have a lot of equipment and facilities to protect us when there are bugs around, but for the little girl she just had a piece of cloth.