Many many thanks for God’s uncountable grace – Siu Ling Lam (Alpha)

I had been experiencing unusual pain in my tummy for quite a few months and finally had a check up in the hospital at the beginning of this year. The results came back in less than a week and I was told by my family doctor that I had cancerous cells in my womb. The Lord cared for my feelings and let me be with my close sisters when I received the news. Even though there was a brief second that I felt like I wanted to cry, the Lord gave me peace & let me know that He is with me.

From my previous experience, I thought it would be another long wait to see my specialist and for any further examinations & treatments. When I directed my thoughts to the Lord, He quickly responded to me with His gentle comforting words. The Lord told me that ‘yes, I do need to wait for my specialist but I don’t need to wait to tell Him what I need and how I feel at any time. To my surprise, I received a phone call early in the next working day from the specialist office for a phone call appointment and then another call to change it into an in person visit to the clinic in the morning. What amazed me even more was that the specialist planned to schedule me for a surgery in the next 2 days. The Lord planned for me before I needed to worry. He also knew my concern about how my family, especially my mom, would react when I broke the news to them. I felt much easier to tell them about my sickness when I can let them know that the Lord has already done a miracle to arrange a date for my surgery in such a short time. I treasure many many brothers & sisters in the church from very young to old who have been praying earnestly for me. I felt so well loved & supported. I’m so encouraged by the Lord’s immediate response to all the prayers.

The next morning, I got informed of what time my surgery would be and what I needed to prepare. Yet, in the afternoon, I was informed that the surgery for the next day was canceled due to no hospital bed available for me to stay overnight. I treasure the spiritual training in the past that was so helpful to self guard my mind in these turmoil times. I quickly turned to God to trust in Him for better timing instead of feeling disappointed or worried. The surgery was postponed to 9 days later so I had more time to reach out to my family & relatives to share God’s grace with them and asked them to pray for me. God cared for me in the most detailed way so I could be physically more ready for the major surgery ahead. The results of my blood test showed that I was anemic and I had been feeling quite tired & weak. I was able to have an iron infusion treatment during this waiting period to help me face the surgery & also the recovery after. 

Three days before the scheduled day of surgery, I received a call from the hospital that my surgery was moved a day earlier. It meant a lot to me to realize how the Lord deeply knew & cared for my situation as I suffered severe pain in those days that was almost unbearable. I was so glad in my heart & sang the lines, ‘Father, my time’s in Your hand. Everything’s good in it’s time.’ On the day of the surgery, I rejoiced & cheered with Eleyne as we drove to the hospital. I felt so peaceful & hopeful to have God carrying me through this special time together with the prayers from numerous brothers & sisters. While waiting to go into the operation room, I especially prayed for the youth b/s that their spirit would be awakened to treasure their life & live their precious youthful days for God! It’s not a pleasant experience to undergo a major surgery, yet mine has become a memorable one with God & the church that I’ll forever treasure!