Making my life simpler – Kerry Chuah (Alpha)

This is my second time going to India.

I always knew that I had a lot in my life, and often more than sufficient. I was always thankful for what the Lord had provided to me. This time, after the trip, I have a stronger desire to live a more simple life. Living in India in a very modest way made me very close to God. There were not a lot of things on my mind, but only God and His work.

After coming back home, I decided not to get a hand blender for my daily breakfast, but to just use the standalone blender that we already have. I decided not to get my husband an electronic book reader as a gift, but instead I will borrow books from the library with him. I’ve been bringing yams to work as snacks so I don’t need to bother myself to find a place to get healthier treats, which often did not happen anyway. I believe there will be more decisions to come.

I want to have a more simple life so my heart and mind will have more capacity to do God’s work and to care for the people that He cherishes.