Lord, what You want is what I want – Karine Wong

In a pursuing meeting, an older brother encouraged us to lift our hands in both personal worship and church meetings. He said, “We may lift up our hands when we are asked to do so. However, how can we help ourselves to practice this truth? How can we keep walking out the truth for the rest of your life? Let’s see what the Bible says regarding this particular truth.” I was inspired by the saying “walking out this truth for the rest of your life.” I said to the Lord that I really wanted to be a person who can follow what He wants me to be or to do. With such a desire to satisfy the Lord, I spent some time to search for those Bible verses. I found so many verses in David’s psalms talking about raising our hands. David was a person who was after God’s heart! I wanted to be like him! When I practiced lifting up my hands higher in the air, I felt closer to Him and my heart was captured by His beauty and glory more!!! One time in a break bread meeting, a young believer next to me felt closer to God when I raised my hands higher. I felt surprised that walking out the truth could influence others! This was not a psychological effect, but was evidenced in Lamentations 3:41: “Let us lift up our hearts and hands to God in heaven.” When we lift up our hands, our hearts will be brought to Him!