Living in the Present – Frankie Ng

Recently our group is meditating on the Lord’s personal love and care for us after His resurrection. His personal appearing to Peter especially touches me. The Lord sought and pursued after me and has done all to gain me already. Yet when I stumble, when I have weaknesses, even putting him aside and desiring for something else, He still pursues after me so fervently yet so gently. He still provides and cares for me unconditionally. What He wants the most is my love and my heart. Yes. I do love the Lord! And what the Lord cares the most is this moment, right now, that I say “I love you” to Him. Never mind what happened in the past, never mind what I did; but He treasures this moment I’m face to face with Him. When I can live in the present with faith, my heart becomes more free and settled, and I’m no longer bound by accusations.