Living in God’s presence – Sofia Chau

In the past, Violin trained us to live in God’s presence at every moment. At first, I thought this was hard to do because it seemed like I had to make a lot of effort. However, she shared an example that made it easier for me to practice. Living in God’s presence in every moment is at times like having music in the background while you are focusing on another task. Even though you are not focusing on the music, but you are aware that it is playing in the background, and you can pay attention to the music whenever you take a break from what you are doing. We can be aware of God’s presence in the background while we focus on our tasks, and we can turn to Him whenever we like.

After some time of practicing this, I find that it is so much easier to turn to God at any moment without “warming up”. No matter what condition I am, I can turn to God as my closest friend.