Let No One Despise Your Youth – Wai Ying Chau

This past week, I was pleasantly surprised and greatly impressed with how the little sisters in my group chose to spend their time after lunch. I thought they had gone off to play on their own, but then I bumped into them on my way to the washroom, and they asked where they could go to have a “mini-fellowship”! Then they called me again after maybe an hour or so and said they needed help. Michelle said, “Planning a fellowship is so much work! I don’t know how you do it!” When they showed me their planning (see the pictures attached), my jaw dropped. They were so organized!! And Gladys and Michelle had thought of it all on their own. They got all the little sisters on board and even planned when to call each other to prepare for the fellowship. The bible verse they chose to share was truly so fitting: “Let no one despise their youth.” It doesn’t matter how young you are, you can still have a pure heart to be passionate for God and take initiative in God’s household. May their purity and passion be contagious in the Alpha group and in the whole church!