Lay aside all things and be alone with God – Beth Banh – AP Camp 2019

Give thanks to God for this 2019 AP Camp. Though my physical body rejected the conditions in Tarlac, Philippines, but my spirit was uplifted and renewed so it made it all worthwhile. This camp gave me the time for me to be alone with God and to face my internal struggles with the help of brothers and sisters inadvertently training me. I learnt another way of looking at fellowship and what it means to turn to the Lord. A lot of the times, I easily jump to conclusions and place judgments, which hindered me to build close relationships. Having the time for the Lord to speak to me personally, through messages and spending great amount of time with brothers and sisters, I was transformed and set free. I opened my heart and let the Lord sit on the throne in my heart. Seeing this royal family in a global scale also impacted me to see that we are united. It was beautiful to witness all of us from different places all over the world to come together to worship and pursue. Lastly, giving one week of my life to lay aside all things made my spirit rich and increased abundance in my life for the days ahead. This is my first AP Camp and it will not be my last.