Joys of parenthood! – Amy Deng

This month has been a challenging yet fulfilling month for me. My son was born on the 2nd, and the days that followed helped me to learn and walk onto the path of parenthood. During these days, my hormones were readjusting, and the journey of recovery seemed so long. Whenever I could, I tried to help myself set my mind right, to see the presence and blessings of the Lord, and to continually give thanks for what I have. This practice helped me to overcome negative emotions, and have more strength and joy to trust in God whilst meeting the needs of my newborn.

I also felt that there was so much that I needed to learn: learn the different cries of my son and their meaning; learn how to arrange time; how to do the various tasks required to sustain a newborn; even how to hold a baby to comfort him… Everything is a journey of learning. This led me to appreciate that our Heavenly Father above is the perfect and original father. He does not need to learn how to be my father. He knows my sitting down and rising up. He can carry me comfortably throughout all the stages of my life. This gave me great comfort, as I know I can always count on Him, and He would never let me down!