John 21:20-18-19 – Tuhien Trieu (Faithful Team)

This morning during Bible phone sing, we read John 21:18-20 Once again I was touched how the Lord treasures Peter’s heart. He was fast to say he will die for the Lord

And later he denied the Lord and failed. Yet the Lord gave Him the chance again to express his heart to Him and fulfill his dream to die for Him.  The Lord reminded Him to get there, He needs to follow the Lord today.  I was reminded that we need to follow the Lord diligently every day.  Do not look lightly at obeying Him and do what He wants us to do on a daily basis.  I am more convinced to live my everyday well for the Lord. I wrote some word to respond to the Lord:


Lord, the path to die for You

Is to follow You today.

Every day, look at You

Every day, trust in You

Every day I go to work for You.

Every day, I do my chores for You

Every day I keep my mind, keep my heart

Every day, I obey You

Every day, I feed Your lamb

Every day,  I tend Your sheep

Every day, I feed Your sheep

Every day adds up and leads me to love You more.

Every day leads me to the path to die for you

Lord, I follow You.