It’s much easier to have a good schedule now – Kira Law (Promised Land)

I’ve always ‘known’ what a good schedule should be like, but never really had that strong determination to walk it out every day. There’s always an excuse for not following or even setting a good schedule. But when we all did it together on this trip, it’s much easier to actually have a good schedule. Sleeping at 10:30pm and waking up at 6:30am is actually not that bad, and by the end of the trip I even felt that it’s late at night when it’s only 9pm. It’s such a touching and glorious scene when we all sat around the living room at 7am ready for global phone-sing. Everyone’s willing to wake up early for God and also have personal time before team time. Our exercising and shout for joy time is also another highlight of our day. We all enjoyed and were free when we shouted for joy! Taking walks after meals is also a good habit that we practiced daily, and it’s so good to always have that personal time with God and let your stomach digest as well. I also really enjoyed our stretching time at 9:30pm before bed time. It’s so fun lying down on the floor of their living room and commenting on each other’s stretches ;) I realized once again how much I need to stretch daily.

There’s so much more that I’ve gained from this trip, and I really hope to keep all the good practices that we had in my everyday life. Let’s continue to live to Him, with Him and for Him!