Improvements in our group – Amy Deng

October 5th, 2015
Recently the Sunshine group has been experiencing some breakthroughs. From the September Sunday messages, we had been learning about the mystery of the universe, the core of God’s plan – a church that is the family of God and loves God and each other the most. As we recounted the past memories with brothers and sisters, many sisters were touched at how well supported and well loved we have been in this family. Many shed tears remembering the true friendships and care that they had received from older brothers and sisters. We all decided to involve ourselves in this family more, and serve brothers and sisters more.

On Friday September 18, there was a meeting titled “Give me a youth”. Many who were teens in 2007 and experienced spiritual revival from a similar meeting came out to share their spiritual progress and journey in the past eight years. The Lord’s presence was great in the meeting, and the two teens from the sunshine group that joined were both very touched. They had experienced the nearness of the Lord, and were determined to rise up for the Lord. One sister shared that she used to only go to the Lord when she had problems and needed help, but she realized that the Lord also desired for her friendship and love. After that meeting, she was more determined to draw near to God regularly, join more meetings and to equip herself in becoming a young coworker for the Lord. Another sister shared that she was impressed by how fervent older brothers and sisters were to preach the gospel when they were her age, and she realized that she also needed to have courage to preach to her school friends. These two sisters’ changes have been very encouraging to our entire group and we now experience the Lord’s presence more greatly during our gatherings together.

Since the Friday night meeting, we have set up a three-times-a-week morning team and lunch gathering at one of the schools that our sisters attend, and the response is very positive. We have plans to do the same for other schools also. All these improvements have truly encouraged the coworkers in this group. We have come a long way since this group was first formed in September 2013. We must give thanks to the Lord for answering our earnest prayers all these years, and appreciate His passion to rise up this group of youth for this generation. It is really our honour to co-work together with one another and with God to support this group of sisters to bring revival to the church and their peers!