Improvement in my spirit and daily life – Lena Yang (Promised Land)

The week spent in the Bay Area and living with brothers and sisters everyday 24/7 has really been a fun experience and also a great chance for improvement in my spirit and daily life.

Every morning we would wake up around 6-7am together. I’m sure even though most of us were very tired, doing it together made it feel so much easier. From there, we would get ready, eat breakfast, and have personal time. And then we had Bible reading time together, and team time till 10am. It was really abundant. During the team time, we learned more about using the gap times in worship to turn to God and focus ourselves. During this trip, it was also the first time for me to shout for joy with so many brothers and sisters. It was a bit uncomfortable for me at first because I’m normally a pretty quiet person, but afterwards I felt so free and joyful. I want to continue to practice shouting for joy in Vancouver.

I’m extremely thankful to get this opportunity to go. Not only could I support the youth in Bay Area, but I could also improve on my own spiritual life. I want to take these gains and add them to my daily life in Vancouver.