Improve for God by being more organized – Isaac Yeung (Faithful Team)

For years, I have always taken improvements for the Lord very seriously, especially on controlling my speech and emotions, as well as having stable and close fellowship with God. In fact practicing on these helped me a lot. However, My room was always very messy. I put my stuff wherever it is most convenient for me without further consideration. Although an older brother had encouraged me to tidy up my room and be more organized over and over again, I always ignored his advice as I didn’t see the value of doing that. It was not until a few months ago that I decided to make changes. At first, I struggled to keep up with my goal. I give thanks that I have the guidance of the Lord and support from older brothers and sisters. So, I was able to maintain this practice. Slowly, I started to realize the meaning behind this practice. It’s more than just being able to find things that I need quickly, but it affects my whole personality and character. My thinking pattern and my lifestyle is now more organized, which my family and closer brothers have also noticed. My speech is more controlled and considerate, and my mood is more stable and calm. I am glad that I can have this change!


透過變得更有組織而為主進步 – 楊諾軒  (Faithful Team)

過去很長時間,我很重視為主進步,特別是控制自己的言行及情緒。的而且確,這方面的操練對我有很大幫助。但同時,我的房間一直都很髒亂,因為我經常將用過的東西隨手放置。即使一位年長的弟兄三番四次勸我保持房間整潔,因為我並不明白背後的意義,我一直把他的話當作耳邊風。直到最近幾個月,我才決定要作出改變。一開始,我掙扎是否應該繼續維持這個目標。感恩我有主的帶領和弟兄姊妹的支持,令我堅持下去。我漸漸明白到這樣做的好處:不只是讓我更快更容易找到要用的東西,而是影響到我的性情和處事方式。 我的思維模式和生活習慣都變得更有組織,家人和相熟的弟兄亦察覺我有所不同。我的言語更少會衝口而出;我的情緒亦更平穩和冷靜。我很開心可以有這樣的改變!