I’m glad to make adjustments to come to the Lord more – Kerry Chuah (Alpha)

When I heard the message about not wasting time on video games, I felt that it’s also the time for me to pause and reflect on my time usage. I am in my late thirties now and I have the least interest in playing video games. But there are times when I want to relax and do nothing after a long day of work. Browsing the internet can make me temporarily get out of things that I need to plan and consider. But that temporary state of relaxation can often turn into something longer than expected.

To me it’s not so much about how much screen time I can cut; but rather I see God’s heart and sincere request for me. He opens His heart and calls me to come to Him. Because love is so deep, there is genuine high expectation. It’s like a marriage. Deep in our heart, we desire our spouse to love us as the only one for life, even after our death. God’s love is beyond human’s love. He desires me to spend more time with Him. And gladly I made adjustments to come to Him more often.