I’m a Blessing! – Katy Lee Law (Mighty Team)

Lately I’ve been experiencing the effect of one good thought and truth, which is that I’m a blessing to others. Before I do different tasks, I try to remind myself that I’m blessing others.  It not only helps me to not complain about the tasks of my day, but it also makes every task meaningful and reminds me to find ways to really bless others. So when I’m cleaning the washrooms and mopping the floor, I think, “My family is so blessed to have me.” Before I start my work day, I think of the colleagues and students I will bless that day. And, indeed, I had chances to chat with colleagues who were in need of encouraging words and prayers.  Even when I’m jogging or walking down the street, I think of how my smile to a passing stranger will bless their day.

Even when I feel accused by the enemy or afraid to do something, I’m reminded of this truth and the bad thoughts go away. For example, sometimes I feel afraid of the reaction of friends I invite to the gospel chatroom (especially the ones who never come or never reply). I’ve had the bad habit of feeling like I’m a bother to others. At these moments, I remind myself that I am blessing them. It’s not like I’m selling them something for my own gain!  If anything, I’m giving them a gift!  It’s for their blessing!  After I share my testimony, when accusing feelings rush in, I remind myself again that my testimony will bless many people.  God has encouraged me a lot this last time I shared by letting me know how other people were helped by what I share. I have more courage and motivation to keep sharing!

In this way, I really do feel that my “two little coins” can bless many—hundreds and thousands, maybe even millions!