I want to work for the Lord – Peter Lui

We recently reorganized and formed the married with children, English speaking group. One great thing is that​ ​my wife​ and I​ get to listen to the same sharing and messages. Before, we were in separate groups so we ​m​ight​ be pursuing the Lord in different directions. Now, we can pursue the Lord and do ministry together!

Also, in our new grouping, we have a designated time to worship and pray with our spouse. This helps both of us to be closer to Abba and the Lord​, and it benefits our relationship with each other.

One recent message ​was ​about doing things for the Lord. Before, I would do things for myself, my family or with the Lord. ​However, when I do things for the Lord, I notice ​g​ospel doors and ministry opportunities start to appear. I notic​e​ more opportunities to get to know and talk to people. Also,​ ​my wife​ and I​ will be more inclined to support the ​c​hurch functions and ministries. So, ​let’s ​do things for the Lord!