I want to put the Lord first before everything else! – Alison Chan (Promised Land)

Since the beginning of the year, after the messages about setting the right priority in life and setting the right attitude towards God, I was reminded; I want to treasure my days on earth before the Lord comes back. I want to put Him first before everything else because He deserves my wholehearted love.

So, I reviewed my daily schedule and made some adjustments. One thing that I changed was to read the Bible instead of going on Youtube during my lunch break. Soon after, I found my mind clearer and it became easier to come before God. I’m also able to keep my Bible reading plans, and even get ahead of it. Whereas in the past, I would be falling behind somewhere in January already! God’s word is powerful; it makes my heart more confirmed in Him, and I find myself having more inner strength to overcome temptations and weaknesses. I’m thankful that I can make such changes in my daily schedule.