I want to put the Lord as my first priority – Michael Li (Alpha)

Recently, I have been encouraged by brothers and sisters giving more time to the Lord and living up to God’s standard. I was reminded of the Lord’s grace and mercy to me in 2007. I really experienced Him and was able to cut video games right away. I really wanted to draw near to Him.

I give thanks for the “Redeem Your Time” program for the young brothers and sisters in the church. I wish I had that program to help me back then, so I could see the importance of using my time well. I really felt I lost 10 years of my youth to video games. This time, I really wanted to fall in love with the Lord again, giving Him my first love more. Even with a busy life with children now, I want to put the Lord as my first priority and also give Him more time by having more leisure breaks throughout the day. I want to take a break with the Lord first instead of using my phone to do other things.