I want to live out Jesus’ way! – Emma Chan (Faithful Team)

On Sunday, when Violin shared the message, it really encouraged and motivated me to continue to work harder to fix my habits with screen time. Before, I always called or texted my friends and it would sometimes be difficult to stop, since I already developed these bad habits. My family and I would try to get me to stop getting tempted, but it was challenging for me. I always tried to take action and physically stop myself, but it was really hard. After the message Violin gave on Sunday, I decided that I will try to slowly improve this year. During the message, I had this feeling in my heart that I really want to live out Jesus’ way, even if it would be very hard to fix my bad habits. So far, for the past few days, I’ve been charging my devices somewhere else to prevent me from getting distracted by them. I’ve also stopped myself from using my device at night starting from 8 pm, unless I have meetings. I found that when I do this, it helps me to have a clearer mind, and whenever I get bored, I talk to the Lord like how I would talk to my other friends. I want to slowly improve and get rid of my habits this year!