I treasure being a second generation in the Church of God – Karen Low-Wah (Promised Land)

As a second generation, I often thought it would have been better if I was a first generation. Then, I would be able to define those before and after changes when I first accepted God in my life, and I could make my own decision to go to church every Sunday, instead of just following my parents.

However, in February this year, my spiritual eyes were opened. I came to Vancouver for a holiday, expecting nothing. However, being in the midst of brothers and sisters here, I was in awe of their love and devotion to God. I also felt God urging me to devote myself to Him, to open my mind and heart to Him. After I decided to give God and myself a chance, I felt God’s compelling love towards me. His warm countenance is right before me. I then understood what motivated my parents, and the older brothers and sisters who shepherded me to raise me up in this movement.

I realized how blessed I am to be surrounded by so much love, support and patience in God’s family since birth. In that, I also wish to pay it forward, and support the younger brothers and sisters in their journey with God and this family.