I live joyfully now, knowing God’s eternal plan – Katy Lee Law

Recently, we’ve been learning a lot about the rapture and things in eternity.  I find that focusing my attention on the hope and joy ahead really helps me to face my life on earth in a more positive way.  During a worship time with sisters, focusing on the day the Lord will receive us in the clouds, I saw a picture of myself flying to the Lord, ridding myself of all things that stick to me and bother me on the earth.  In the end, all things will be new, and it’ll be just me and the Lord and this family.  All the things that may trouble me now will be gone and even forgotten after I see the Lord’s beautiful and glorious face.  I realized I should set this grande picture before me when I start to worry or feel troubled.  I should focus on heavenly treasures and let that affect my life on earth to be more and more glorious, more and more joyful.  So precious to have this glorious hope!