I learned to serve with wisdom and joy! – Tuhien Trieu

I give thanks to God for guiding us to serve among the youths in a more wiser way. In the past, I used to do everything for the group: planning, coordinating, preaching, sharing messages, shepherding, leading games, etc. But I learn more that when bro/sis involve in ministry, they improve more and I become less burdensome and more joyful. Now, we even involve the younger bros/sis and even young believers to do ministry from helping the younger children, planning activities, preaching gospel and to involvement in committee meetings. They become more stable and feel the importance in God’s family and work.

Though there are more added to the group, yet I feel lighter as there are more coworkers raised up and we have good team work. Now I can sleep earlier and have more time to have breaks and support my family. At the same time, we have new friends almost every week, and 5 already got baptized since January 2014! It’s possible to finish God’s will with great joy!