I learn to give thanks – Kevin Huang (Faithful Team)

Recently, I experienced God greatly. I was going to a class when I forgot my phone at home. I was going to check up on some brothers in my group, but since I didn’t have my phone, I drew near to God instead! That time was so good. I felt so free even though my surroundings on the bus were distracting. I need to take two buses from my school to my home. I just barely missed the second one. Then I asked myself, “What if I have nothing to give thanks for?” But I quickly pushed that thought away. I knew it was the enemy trying to deceive me. So I sang a song. I felt that even though it was just me waiting for the bus, His presence was with me. And when the bus came, I thought, “God always blesses us, even if something we don’t like happens.” So I give thanks more now!!