I have the glorious resurrected Lord! – Christina Kwan

This Easter, Tuhien shared a message on the meanings of the Lord’s resurrection. I haven’t thought much beyond the regular, “The Lord is Risen! He has overcome all things!” However, this time, my eyes were opened to know the implications of His resurrection. One of which is that it shows that the Lord’s promises are true. The Lord said that He would rise again, and all things came true just as it was written (1 Corinthians 15:3-4). There are many more beautiful promises in the Bible, that I can put my full trust in. This also gives me even more assurance in the truths, and I can walk out my life knowing that these are true. For example, I know that “all things will work together for the good of those who love Him” (Romans 8:28), and I know for sure where I will go one day!

As well, the Lord’s resurrection has shown that He has overcome the most difficult challenges, and He is now in glory. With the glorious Lord of life as the very closest one to me, I have faith and assurance to face all things! The Lord is God – He is all-powerful and is the one who understands us the most, and personally helps us, uplifts us, and brings us into glory!

Among other implications which touches on the hope of the resurrection, living with God, and that we are fully justified by Christ, I felt that I was able to enjoy the fruits of the resurrection even more. Through realizing that the closest one to me is the glorious risen Lord, the one who loves me and can help me, and is the most faithful one, I also become more firm in my faith. This has prompted me to think, “how much do I trust the resurrected Lord?” Every day is a choice of faith.