I found true joy – Mayeth Navarro

Before I believed in the Lord, I was really bad to my family and to myself. I was a very stubborn daughter to my mom. I always argued with her. I talked back, but what she really didn’t like about me was the fact that I was lesbian. I always hung out with my “girlfriend”. It was my third year of high school. I was never serious about my studies. I just liked to hang out with my classmates and my girlfriend. I learned to drink and go to disco with them and wasted my allowance there. I also ran away from home for days to weeks to indulge myself in drinking and partying. I longed for true love. I had a girlfriend but my heart was not satisfied. I couldn’t feel my mother’s love. I wanted to be happy but always felt empty.

When I finished my second year of college, I decided to go to Manila with my girlfriend, but I didn’t tell my family about it. I just told them I was taking a vacation there. But my plan was actually to stay there and find a job. Then I worked in a garment factory, where I met some Christian coworkers. Two of them always invited me to go to church. They knew from my appearance that I was lesbian. They told me that homosexuality is sin, and they told me there is only one God. In my heart though, I doubted because I thought the Catholics never mentioned about homosexuality. They kept inviting me to their church for a year. In return, I always mocked them and talked bad behind their backs. I told them whatever happened I would never change my religion but die as a Catholic. Afterwards, they no longer invited me. But strangely, I was still expecting their invitation somehow. One day, a voice in my heart told me to go with these Christian coworkers. So, I invited myself to their meeting. The Lord spoke to me through His salvation and forgiveness. I then realized that I was a sinner. In tears, I asked God for His forgiveness.

When I accepted the Lord as my Saviour, I felt real joy. He fully accepted me even though I was a sinner. When I went home, I started to read the Bible. Later on, I found from the Bible that homosexuality is a sin. Through the Bible, the Lord opened the truth to me. He changed my whole life inside out. Since I believed in Him, I really feel the joy that I had been looking for. I felt satisfied with the Lord’s love, and I feel the joy in Him.