I feel very blessed to have the Lord in my life … I am very happy to get baptized today – Jedidiah

I feel very blessed to have the Lord in my life because he has helped me throughout my life journey. When I was born, I was very small and had difficulty eating. Since then, the Lord has helped me many different times. I remember that time when I almost fell off a small bridge while riding my bike, with the front wheel hovering over the water. I was not panicking or worrying because I knew He was there. A few years later, the Lord’s blessings became much more frequent. There were many times in my life when I thought I would not be here today. For example, there were 2 times when I almost fainted after a long period of exercise and 3 times when I was almost struck by a vehicle.
Having said this, I felt that the Lord also causes the small things in life to work for me as well. One day, I had to print out a 2-page homework assignment. The problem was that the assignment was due the next day and there was no paper left in the printer! Then, I asked for the Lord’s help and somehow found exactly 2 pieces of paper somewhere in my room. Another day, I lost my wallet at school, but the next day, I found it at the same location in the hallway. Not only does the Lord help me when I need it, but He also uses the surroundings to remind me that He cares about me and wants to make me happy. For example, I once saw clouds in the sky resembling a happy face. After seeing this, I was in a good mood for the rest of the day.
The Lord knows everything about our future and gives the best for us even when we do not think it is in our own mind. For example, when I was about 10 years old, I asked my parents why they didn’t buy “unnecessary” things for me such as an iPod or a Wii console that a lot of my friends had, but bought Lego sets for me instead. They told me that the Lego sets had educational value. In fact, I still have those sets in my room today. As a result, this saved me and my parents a lot of money, and I thank the Lord for that.
I give thanks to all the brothers and sisters that helped me and prayed for me over the years. I am very happy to get baptized today (April 19th, 2019).