I chose to spend time with the Lord first – Katy Law (Alpha)

Ever since the December 31st meeting, I feel like the Lord has been encouraging me to give Him my heart. I feel that I have always desired to love Him more and spend my time with Him. However as I started to take on more responsibilities, my sense of responsibility sometimes override what I truly desire in my heart. When I have a gap time, I may already have a list of things in my mind that I want to finish, or have someone that I want to send a message to, and I do that, although I may want to sing a song to Him or to take a walk with Him most. But the Lord’s love truly encouraged me recently and He deserves my attention more than my to-do list. Now I chose to lay everything aside and just go ahead and spend my time with Him first. I feel more that He deserves my heart fully, He is my first priority and I take the action to prove this to Him.