I can use my faith to enjoy God’s presence – Vanessa Dang (Promised Land)

I always thought it was normal to feel close to God all the time… until I was unable to feel close to Him in the beginning of this month. I was in a spiritually low condition, and I just felt numb overall. I did not feel the presence of God and that scared me the most.

However, I did not give up on God. I tried to spend more time with Him, and whenever I prayed, I continuously used my faith to tell Him small things such as “I want to be close to You”, or “I want to focus on You and You only”. Slowly, I noticed small surprises from God through my surroundings, and I was touched by His reminder that He is right here with me. Also, after a Friday night meeting, I was reminded of my purpose – why I follow God, and why I do the things I do – it is because He loves me and I love Him. I fully overcame my struggle after God renewed my spirit that night.

I really give thanks to the practices I have learned and for being able to stably attend the meetings because those are what helped me to overcome my struggle the most. I have learned that it is not about how I feel, but it is about using my faith to realize the truth that He’s with me. Because of this experience, not only is my faith stronger, but I know more how to help myself and ask for support as well.