I can already feel the improvement… – Cinthia Tang (Promised Land)

When I first heard the message about reducing our screen time, I felt like I wanted to improve in that area. Not only because I saw how spending too much time on my phone affected my studies, but also my spirit. So in the past few weeks I have become more aware. Whenever I find myself scrolling through social media, I  would ask myself “Am I doing something productive? If not then I would put the phone down. When I took this action, not only am I more productive during the day, but I feel like I’ve gotten closer to the Lord. I find myself turning to him more during the day even if I’m doing the smallest of things like finishing an assignment. I can feel how the Lord’s love towards me is and I want to love Him back by giving Him my response. I feel like my desire to know His heart  has increased. I’m more focused during meetings because I want to enjoy His presence more and I can really feel the difference. Now whenever I worship with brothers and sisters I feel like I’m more ready to voice out and everything comes out more naturally without too much thinking. There’s always something on my heart ready to be expressed. I can’t say I completely stopped using my phone, but I can already see my improvement and I want to keep going for the Lord.