I am convinced that God is Real – Sunshine Group

Sofia Chau
Before my mom passed away from cancer, I was pondering about life without her. My mom was someone who always has everything ready and prepared for her children. The feeling of loneliness would creep up from time to time, until one day I opened the Bible and read a verse that said, “I will not leave you orphans….” I felt a sudden warmth and comfort surrounding me. I was at peace. After my mom passed away, I can feel that the phrase, ‘She’s at a better place,’ became so true for her and also for me, as I was at peace in the Father’s embrace.

Tuhien Trieu
I experienced that God was true when I first came to Church meetings. There was only less than 10 people in the meeting, but as they prayed with affection and even tears, I felt that God must be true. I felt His presence and desired to join church meetings.