I am convinced that God is Real – Pleasant Group

Michael Li
When I was young, I experienced God. I was always a careless and forgetful boy. I remember one time, I misplaced my keys or dropped them. I was very afraid, because I would get yelled at by my parents. I prayed to God. Immediately a thought came, reminding me to look in my backpack again. I found the keys in a secret pocket in my backpack.

Rex Fong
Fast forward to when I was in Vancouver. At that time, I became a little undisciplined and disobedient to my family. So my family had decided to bring me to church again, which I of course resented. When I arrived at church, I was introduced to many prophesies and scientific evidence of the bible. At first I was doubtful, but the more I learnt, the more I was amazed by the overwhelming proofs and my faith was uplifted. One time, I was left alone during a hot day and I prayed to God. Just immediately, after a few minutes, it began to rain. I felt God loves me and He is real in my life.

Jesse Lo
The moment that I experienced God very deeply was the time after I had baptism. I still remember the first break bread meeting after baptism. I enjoyed God’s fatherly love towards me. Week after week during that time, I felt God drew very close to me whenever I had meetings and drew near to Him. My spirit was easily touched by His love.