I am convinced that God is Real – Pillar Group

Truman Ho
I prayed to God when I broke my wrist. I prayed that I would heal quicker. I knew God is real when He answered my prayers. My arm healed twice as fast as expected.

Heman Ho
I experienced God when I sprained my ankle and that same day we had to go running for PE. It started to rain before I started to run, so it got postponed. I had prayed to God.

Jeffrey Chow
Every time I feel lonely, I feel someone else being with me, keeping me from feeling lonely.

Timothy Chow
I felt God is true and with me when I fell off my bike at a bike park and had a really bad injury to my elbow. I prayed to God at the hospital so I don’t have a broken bone and then I prayed so it could heal fast. It healed in a week.

Elijah Cheng
When I get angry or mad I would want to get revenge, but God would comfort me.

Wells Suen
I feel God the most in break bread meeting and in worship. I feel His presence guiding us through the meeting.

Andy Yung
When I feel lonely or am alone, I feel there’s still a person by me and with me doing what I’m doing, like reading or playing.

Stanley Chui
When I was younger, I got into a lot of trouble. Some of those troubles were life threatening. I put myself into situations, where at the time, I felt it was cool or I was trying to prove something. I remember one time when I was driving, with a car full of passengers. I thought I had full control of my car when my friend told me to speed through this roundabout. The car was travelling at a great speed when I hit the turn. I oversteered and lost control, the car drifted insanely. In a normal case, the car would have flipped, but somehow I regained control and bumped into the curb area instead. At that time, I had already believed in God, but sometimes I seek my own enjoyment. I thought I was in control. I really gave thanks to the lord for He protected me and never gave up on me. Thinking back of all the times He protected me, they let me realize how true He is to me.