I am convinced that God is Real – Mighty Men Group

Johnny Chiu
My family sent me to a Christian kindergarten out of consideration of education planning for me. Before I started going to this school, my mother seriously told me, “Don’t believe in Jesus,” because this is against the family’s values. My curiosity towards Christian belief was aroused. As soon as the school started, the teacher preached the gospel in class. I felt that what she said was very true and I really want to receive the salvation, because I felt that this God is so full of love and care for men. Not like the other gods that I worshipped before, that they seemed to be so far away from men and men needed to give food and offerings to them to get blessings.

John Leung
In my first year as a believer, I was failing halfway through my economics course in college, but I needed to pass all courses to avoid penalties from my student loans. So I asked God for guidance. God reminded me about the instructor’s suggestion throughout the semester that students should approach him if they need help, so I went to his office with peace in my heart. The instructor patiently suggested ways for me to better absorb the course contents and gave me advice on how to answer his mid-term questions correctly. I passed the subsequent mid-term and final exams and the course itself.

Eric Lee
I learned about prophecies, for example in the book of Daniel about Alexander the Great, followed by the 4 kingdoms. Including, the miracles of Israel’s restoration. I also felt God’s unconditional and committed love at low points in my life, after I had believed. He never gave up on me. At a time when I felt unlovable and was crying bitterly about myself, the Lord picked me up. I remembered how the Lord spoke to Peter after his failures.

Stephen Choi
When I had trips with my colleagues in my university days, they stayed up late and went partying. Sometimes the environment wasn’t good, but I felt the peace and joy from the Lord. I even wrote songs to Him in those situations. This is not anyone or anything can give to me.

Thomas Chuah
I recall the time when I first heard about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I heard how Jesus bore the punishment for my sins on the cross. I was moved that God would be willing to go to such extremes, in order to gain me. This let me see how much God treasured me and wanted me to be His friend.

Mark Wong
When I attended the gospel presentation, I understood that the restoration of Israel was a fulfillment of a prophecy. I know God is true.

Jason Chan
After I believed in the Lord, I remembered that one time I wanted to play basketball with my friends. However the rain came suddenly. I felt very upset and disappointed, then I prayed to the Lord. I asked Him to stop the rain and dry the land, so we can continue to play. Few minutes later, the rain stopped. When we walked to the basketball court, I saw the sun come out. After we arrived, I saw half the court was dry. In that moment, I felt very happy, not just because I can play with my friends. More important was I experienced God.