I am convinced that God is Real – Alpha Group

Wai Ying Chau
About 2 years ago, I encountered a problem with my residency. My residency application was rejected. Then when I was about to re-apply, the rules changed and I could no longer use the same documents to apply. I was very stressed and anxious. I continued to pray and find solutions to deal with the situation. By the end of the experience, I felt that the Lord wanted me to give my burdens to Him. I experienced a peace that I’ve never had before. I experienced that He is with me and that He will carry me through.

Sharon Tong
When I was young, I feared a lot of the power of darkness. During night time, I tried not to get up from bed in the middle of the night. I feared that I might see “something bad.” I felt there was another sphere of power beyond the material world. I would pray to God, of greater power than humans, to seek for protection and safety for myself and my family. I also followed my mother to seek help from the Chinese gods by practicing various traditional Chinese rituals. In my mind, I knew that man needed God!

When I was in elementary school, some of my school mates practiced ‘black magic’ in school. We were all enticed and curious to know our futures. I was very scared when I experienced in person the power behind all these practices. I was aware that truly there was power beyond human to cause all these happen. I felt no control of it and didn’t want to be overridden by these forces. After I learned the Bible truth, I understood there is the evil world. My brother-in-law, who is also a Christian, casted out demons from his demon possessed student in the name of Jesus. Jesus Christ is the true God in whom I trust. Now I can pray to Him and feel secure.

Siu Ling Lam
I experienced God is very real in my life when I prayed to Him and He answered my prayers more than what I expected. When I first believed in God, I prayed a lot about my study. I experienced countless time that I felt peace after I prayed and He helped me to do well in my assignments and exams. I continued to experience He is my immediate help in my years of working in which He gives me wisdom to do my job and interact with people at my workplace. Nevertheless, I feel God is true and very close with me when I spend time alone with Him to talk with Him, read His words and sing to Him. My heart feels satisfied in this special time with God, much more than getting help from Him or prayers being answered.

Katy Lee Law
Many times, I have felt further confirmation in my heart of God’s reality and presence through answered prayers. Recently, it was when I was facing the need to find a daycare for my son. There were many unknowns and things out of my control. I didn’t have a job yet and my husband didn’t have a job either. If we both suddenly got jobs and didn’t have daycare, it would’ve been a problem. When we prayed to God about our need, within two weeks’ time, both my husband and I found permanent work. We found a cheaper and good quality daycare close to my work.